The Tarnished Crown Map

The Falcon Throne, book 1 of my new series The Tarnished Crown, releases in Australia at the end of August and in the US and UK on September 9th. To whet your appetite, here’s the map of the The Tarnished Crown world. If you want to see a bigger version, just click on it.

Final Tarnished Crown map

And here’s what I can tell you about where The Falcon Throne fits in. The drama of this first book in the series takes place in the old kingdom of Harcia, what is now known as the Duchy of Harcia, the Duchy of Clemen and the Marches. There are also some adventures in the Duchy of Ardenn, which you’ll find in the Principality of Cassinia.

Throughout the story of The Tarnished Crown, we’ll be travelling to many, many places shown on this map. And where we don’t phsyically go to some places, well, it could be we’ll meet some folk who call those places home.

This is the biggest canvas I’ve ever played on. It’s turning out to be hugely demanding, creatively, and a whole lot of fun!

Stay tuned for more tantalising teases about The Falcon Throne

9 thoughts on “The Tarnished Crown Map

    • Heh heh! Any hassles with the map are all my fault. I will say this — I didn’t expect, and that’s the beauty of discovery — that having the map to look at would help me in storytelling ways. I don’t normally work like that, so it’s a good lesson.

  1. I just finished The Falcon Throne and loved it! When can I expect, broad estimation of course, book two of The Tarnished Crown series to be released in the US?

    • Thank you, Dalton! I am chuffed to bits you enjoyed it. I’m working on bk 2 now, and expect it will be out next year. Sorry to make you wait, but I really need to do it right!

  2. I absolutely love maps in fantasy books! In fact, I have read books based purely on the fact I saw they had maps in them. So thank you for posting this and I cannot wait to read this new series of yours. 🙂

    I actually found this page whilst Googling about for a map of your Godspeaker trilogy. Does one exist? I’d love to see the relation between the six duchies (oh my, so hard to say ‘six duchies’ without thinking of Fitz in Robin Hobb’s large amazing series), Hekat’s lands and everywhere in between.

    • Maps are weird things. Some people really love them and others … it’s more meh. Have to confess I’m more in the meh camp. But then geography was never my thing! But bearing in mind the complexities of this series, plus the fact that lots of people do love maps, I worked hard on the one for Tarnished Crown. Alas, I don’t have one for the Godspeaker trilogy. I might go back one day … but not until I can breathe again after all the writing I need to do!

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