Australia the Amazing

So, my good friend and fellow spec fic author Glenda Larke has led a truly amazing life. The places she’s lived, the things she’s seen and done — unique. Recently she went on the road to explore some of Western Australia’s remote top end, and now shares it with us in photos and commentary on her blog. I’ve never been to this part of Australia and hopefully will rectify the omission before I kick the bucket. In the meantime, I will marvel vicariously, thanks to Glenda. Why don’t you go visit her blog and marvel vicariously along with me? And if you’ve not yet had the pleasure, investigate which one of her books you’d like to read first!

4 thoughts on “Australia the Amazing

  1. Thank you for that link. I’ve just spent far more time than I should have reading her blog and I think I need to buy her books as well. As if I didn’t already have a huge wish list of books and a mountain of unread books at filling my home.

    • Glenda tells a ripping yarn, and I don’t just say that because we’re both Orbit authors and she’s my friend. I always learn something when I read her work. And hey — there’s always room for one more book, right? *g*

      • I’m not convinced that there is always room for one more book, but I ordered three of Glenda’s anyway. Then I got a free one from Amazon this morning. I think I’ll enjoy them all. Where I’ll put the three I ordered, is a tougher question.

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