Podcast #4: Plotting

And here we are with a new podcast on this crazy writing game. This time I’m talking about plotting your novel, the processes and the pitfalls. Enjoy! And don’t forget, if you have a question about this topic, or anything to do with writing, send me an email and I’ll answer it.

7 thoughts on “Podcast #4: Plotting

  1. I am glad I attended your workshop at Conflux. Not only was it informative, but I found out about your blog and your podcast. I like your ‘matter of fact’ way of explaining the various aspects of writing. I find your teaching method extremely helpful and motivating. There’s no bull-crap. Just how it is. 😃

    • And I’m glad you came! I love talking about writing, and I’m always hopeful that what I say turns out to be useful. *g* I do try to be as pragmatic and non-fluffy as I can be when it comes to workshopping and podcasts, because while it’s lovely to be imaginative and creative at the end of the day it’s a tough business. I hope you continue to enjoy the podcasts, and good luck with your writing.

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