A tale of two elliptical machines …

In which I make an interesting discovery …

I have quite a decent home gym set up, with some cardio equipment and free weights and kettle bells and, as I think I’ve mentioned, a large workout dvd library. My elliptical machine, or cross trainer, wasn’t hugely expensive and has done me well for a good long while … but the cracks were starting to show, and finally the onboard computer completely turned up its toes. So, gritting my teeth, I went in search of a replacement and found a really good deal at my local Rebel sport store. The machine arrived yesterday, complete with a really lovely guy who keeps pet parrots, to assemble it.

(Thank God, because seriously? You’d need an engineering degree!)

The expired elliptical was a brand called Insight. On that machine, at the lowest resistance level, I’ve been clocking up 10 kms in roughly 30 mins, 6 days a week. Working up a good sweat, but nothing excessive.

This morning, before heading off to play photographer at parkrun, I climbed on the new machine to do my 10 kms. The new machine is a Nordictrack. Excellent brand. But really? Really? The lowest resistance level on this machine was the equivalent of level 4 on the other machine! In just under the same amount of time spent on the thing  I could only go 4 kms and then I was cactus. As in running sweat, heart rate right up there, quads ready to find a gun and shoot me.


Right now I’m exercising for time, not distance, so I’ll focus on hitting the 30 min mark on a regular basis and let the distance take care of itself as I get fitter and stronger. But wow, I was totally shocked. And it only goes to show — a machine is not a machine is not a machine.

In other exciting news, I swam 1/2 km first time back in the pool after a good two months’ absence. I love swimming. I can’t wait to get faster and fitter. I want to hit doing 1 km 5 times a week. Eventually I’d like to get back to swimming for an hour, steady state, but that’s a good ways down the track.

I made it through the first week of Jillian Michaels’ Beginners Shred and again, I’m improving. Even though it’s a beginner routine I still find it challenging. Oh, for the day when I can hold a plank for the whole time! Man, that move is a killer.

My back continues to improve, as does the stupid left elbow, and my eating remains sensible. The weight comes off slowly, according to the scales, but I can see more and more changes and my clothes are fitting differently so that’s the yardstick I’ll stick with!

Soon I’ll have the all-clear to start some light walk/jog sessions. Since I think I kind of want to tackle next year’s City to Surf – and a mud run! – this is good news.

And how about you guys? What’s the latest? Please don’t tell me I’m all alone doing this! *g*


2 thoughts on “A tale of two elliptical machines …

  1. Wow, congrats on 10 kms in roughly 30 mins.

    When I was walking, which I am easing back into, I was only getting 7 kms done in about 80 mins. And even then I’d have running sweat, elevated heart rate and my quads would be burning 🙂

    • There’s a huge difference between elliptical and walking, though. I don’t get anywhere near as far in 30 mins either walking outside or on the treadmill. Because there’s no impact on the elliptical I can (well, I used to!) get up to something like running speed. Running for real is another matter entirely. So elliptical work is great for pure cardio, but it doesn’t do for you what a weight bearing exercise like walking will. So keep on walking, and go you!!!!

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