Podcasting with Sean at Galactic Chat

Recently I was delighted to sit down with Sean from the great Galactic Chat podcast for a far-ranging talk about books, writing, and other sundry – but exciting! – matters. I had a great time. So many many thanks to Sean for inviting me along.

You can listen to the resulting conversation …


4 thoughts on “Podcasting with Sean at Galactic Chat

  1. I thoroughly enjoy listening to your talks on writing. You inspire and motivate me. Not because you highlight the great aspects of being a writer, but because you come across as a real person. You say you’re terrified, you say how hard writing can be. I have always imagined published authors as ‘special individuals’ – on a plane far above me. I have always thought that aspiring to be a published author was ‘wrong’ because trying to rise above one’s station in life was not the done thing. Such a no-no! The silly thing is I am friends with so many published authors. In fact some are my closest friends. I know they are just people. I know they have times of doubt and fear. But you make me feel comfortable about writing. It’s ok to feel the fear and do it anyway because Karen Miller bloody well says it is! Thanks! You’re amazing. And such a hoot! 😃

    • Wow, Deb. Not sure what to say, except thank you! I do try to keep it real, and pragmatic, because otherwise what’s the point? Writing is both a passion and a business and somehow we have to find a way to walk that line. Most important thing in the end is to absolutely feel the fear and do it anyway. Because what have you got lose, really? Keep on keeping on!

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