Really? Really?

Honestly, I think I’m turning into some kind of joke. I mean, first it was liver stones, then it was a couple of slipped lumbar discs, and last week it was some kind of whacko virus that attacked one lymph node in my neck and flattened me for five days.

Is this a hint I should give up my quest for fitness?

Well, if it is – I’m not taking it. No way. Not ever. Yes, I know it’s escalated to nothing short of ridiculous, how many times I ‘fess up to yet another physical malady, ailment or breakdown. But oddly, on balance, I’m doing a lot better than just a few years ago. I’ve gone 2 winters without any kind of shocking bronchial/upper respiratory tract disaster. Even though I’m still working to fix various muscular-skeletal issues, I can still exercise without falling victim to a CFS relapse. I’m rebuilding. Slowly, and with setbacks, but I am rebuilding. I’m walking again, and doing some weights again, slowly escalating the duration and intensity of the exercise. December will be a month of consolidation, of firming foundations, so that I can start the new year ready to carefully push myself towards success.

As 2014 hurtles to a close, am I where I wanted to be at the start of the year? No. I still have flab to shed, still have old injuries to rehab, old bad habits to break, and I’m still a long way from the physical fitness I enjoyed prior to my first big research trip to the UK … let alone the kind of fitness levels I’m aiming to regain, achieve, and surpass. And I’m still struggling to find the right work/life balance.

But I’m not in a bad place – liver stones, lumbar discs and lymph nodes notwithstanding! – and I’m confident I’m on the upward swing from here on. The last few years have been very challenging. But I’ve survived them and from now I intend to do more than survive. I intend to thrive.

How about you? How has your panned out, on balance? And what are you looking forward to achieving in the next year?

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