Walking before I can run

So I’m back at it, being terribly terribly cautious. I really hate being cautious. I want to throw myself back into the whole working out thang …

But I can’t. Because every time I do, something goes wrong. I’m not convinced that the liver stones, the slipped discs and the virus-in-my-lymph node stuff was exercise related – but I’m just not taking any chances.

So I’m finishing out the year with walking, swimming and a little bit of weights. And I haven’t even started back with the swimming yet. That’s next week. Going forward,  I have plans for 2015 that I’ll share at the dawn of the new year.

I’m walking the dogs for a couple of km – when it’s not thunder storming and sheets of water everywhere. On the treadmill, I’m walking 3km twice a day at 5 kph with an incline of 3. The great thing about treadmill workouts is that you can increase the intensity by raising the incline while not over-stressing your body by trying to run too soon. I can’t run yet. I want to, but I can’t. That’s too high intensity, for now. But uphilll walking on the treadmill really works your cardio system without killing everything else.

With the weights, I’m doing a circuit of free weights with dumbbells: squats and lunges and bicep curls, shoulder press and raises,  side rows, chest press, chest fly, tricep skull crushers, abs with bicycles and planks. 15 reps of each. Just one circuit this week. I’ll push for two next week, if I feel good.

When I feel down about the slow of it all, I remind myself that Pete Thomas, a former Biggest Loser US winner, didn’t run for the longest time. And when he did he could run a lot, because he was so well conditioned from his uphill power-walking on the treadmill. So I’m taking a leaf out of his book, Lose it Fast, Lose it Forever.

The other book I’m paying attention to is Run, Fat Bitch, Run. Love that book. Very bracing, and inspiring. Aside from committing yourself to regular challenging exercise, author Ruth Field has two rules for shedding flab.

Drink more water.

Eat less crap.

So that’s what I’m doing. At some point I’ll get more scientific about it than that. In fact I have a couple of books on the way to me that deal with the science of fat loss and strength gain. The trouble with diet books — and lord knows I’ve read a bunch – is that for the most part they neglect exercise physiology and the biochemical interaction between various nutrients and our bodies.

So I’ll be doing some research and I’ll report what I find!

What I have noticed is that even though the fat loss is slow, at the moment, under that I have some serious muscle-toning going on. I did read somewhere that it’s actually hard for the body to do both, because different ratios of macro-nutrients are required. I’ll follow that up. For now, what I know is that I am feeling better, feeling stronger, and getting fitter.

How about you guys? How’s the year closing out for you?

2 thoughts on “Walking before I can run

    • Urgh. Bad news. Feel better soon! I’m back to being walking wounded what with the ripped thumb and the bashed knee and the jammed back after my fall on Friday. Hope your ultrasound gives encouraging news! And that you get back to working out soon.

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