Fitness bits, and a recipe! Yum!

Well, I’m crawling my way back to a routine. Got thrown by my stupid cervical spine being difficult. But after yet more physio (which is ongoing) and deep tissue massage (ow ow ow and also ongoing) plus chiro work (a never-ending saga) I’m back on the treadmill and able to think straight about food and cooking and all that stuff.

Here’s what is happening …

Like I said, back on the treadmill, reminding my body about working up a sweat prior to launching into the Body for Life 12 week program. I’ve decided to do this one first because it has a proven track record, it’s not overwhelming time-wise, and the eating plan is totally doable for me. I wanted to start it Jan 5, but with all the stupid spine stuff I had to hold off. Now I’ll wait, maybe till next Monday, maybe the Monday after. It all depends on what my stupid neck does!  Also my stupid elbow, which has decided to play up again. I’ll be doing extra low-intensity cardio too, because I need the extra exercise. Swimming and dog walking, that’ll be the go to start with.

I’ve started drinking coffee. I never have done before, and the coffee I’m doing now might well make many of you want to heave. It’s Bulletproof Coffee, which means you add cold unsalted grass-fed butter and coconut oil to it, then whisk it up a lot. There are many health benefits to coffee, but I don’t much care for it as is. Given that I thrive best on a low carb, moderate protein, higher fat food regime, the BPC works really well as a drink first thing before working out. I taste-tested it with takeaway coffee, liked it, then bought a simple home coffee maker. With a timer! And it worked! I woke this morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. First time in my life. I was so impressed with myself. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do technical shit, so following the instructions to make the machine work was huge!

Being lower carb, I can’t do hot fresh mashed potatoes. So sad. But here’s something that tastes pretty much the same and yum! Steam some fresh cauliflower until it’s really soft. Put it in a bowl, add some grass-fed butter, some garlic powder, some pink rock salt and some red chilli flakes (all to taste and quantity) and mash it to bits with a stick blender. Comes out like mashed potato but practically no carbs and really really tasty! It’s about the only way I can do cauliflower, but who cares? It’s yum!

Also, fwiw, I readily admit that low carb isn’t for everyone. Metabolisms vary. It seems that endomorphs tend to be very carb sensitive, and do thrive best keeping their carb intake low and their healthy fat intake higher. Current research also shows that saturated fat (i.e. butter, fat from animals) is not a heart killer. It’s actually really good for you. It’s elevated triglyceride levels in the blood, the result of a high carb (especially processed carbs and sugar) intake that causes bad trigs and heart danger. Go back a hundred years and people ate full cream everything and butter and fatty meats but almost no processed foods, not so much sugar, not much refined grain, and they were fine. The low fat thing was a crock and a con and it’s why obesity rates have skyrocketed.

Mesomorphs and Ectomorphs (the muscly ones and the super-model types) can tolerate a much higher intake of carb. So it’s a case of playing around with the food stuff to find what your sweet spot is. Mine’s low carb, so I’ll be modifying the Body for Life guidelines to make sure I stay in my sweet spot.

I hope everyone’s got their new year goals in place. If you’re having successes, please let me know!


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