Yum: Ginger-poached chicken breast and veg

So, I love to cook. I love to feed people. But since this is a blog, I guess I’ll just have to enjoy cooking for you guys vicariously!

In keeping with the current focus on healthy eating and weight loss, I’m going to be posting my favourite ‘good food’ recipes. And to balance the scales I’ll also post my favourite ‘naughty but nice’ recipes, for the planned free meal that’s part of the program.

Interested? Read on …

I’m not desperately fond of chicken breast – or cauliflower, for that matter – but this combo really works. I first ate poached chicken breast on the research river cruise I did in Europe and was surprised by how moist and tasty it was.

Each recipe is geared to serve 1. Depending on how many you’re feeding, multiply as needed. (Which is so much easier than working out recipes for 1 when they’re geared to feed 4!)

Ginger-poached chicken

1 free-range chicken breast, or part thereof, to suit your serving size

Thinly sliced fresh ginger-root, a chunk about the size of your thumb to the first knuckle. (If you feel like it you can also add sliced raw garlic, maybe some lemongrass too, depending on the flavour profile you like)

Chicken stock (home-made or store-bought, preferably made from free-range ingredients)

Place chicken breast whole in saucepan, add sliced ginger, then fill saucepan with stock until chicken is covered. Bring stock to a rolling simmer then leave uncovered to cook for 10-15 mins, depending on the thickness of the breast.

It’s vital that you cook the chicken all the way through, so when you think it’s done take it out with tongs and slice through the thickest part to be sure. Absolutely no pink meat can be left. If it is still a bit pink, you can put it back in the simmering stock for a bit longer.

When you’re satisfied the chicken is cooked, remove and drain, then slice it across, each slice about 1/2 to 1 cm thick. Top with cauliflower/broccoli mash, and add a starchy carb like baked or steamed sweet potato to round out the meal, if you like.

Cauliflower/Broccoli mash

How much of this you cook depends on your appetite and dietary program. My baseline is 1 cup of each raw reg.

Chop the veg smallish and steam until really well cooked, soft and easy to mash.

Remove from steamer, let it drain/dry off, then put in a mixing bowl.

Add a knob of grass-fed butter (to taste and preference, roughly 20 gms).

Add garlic powder, dried chili flakes and Himalayan pink salt to taste, then blend to a mash with a stick blender.

Spoon on top of the sliced poached chicken breast, add your sweet potato if you’re indulging, and bon appetit!

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