Week 1 done!

Well, I’m proud to announce that I stuck to my guns for the first week of the 12 week transformation challenge!

Having said that, though, I will confess up front that I did have to tweak one thing: the whole ‘eat six meals a day’ aspect is just not doable for me. At all. My body clock hates it, my psychology hates it, and my blood sugar levels hate it.

Interestingly, research reveals that a)provided calorie/nutritional intake remains the same, you get the same results eating 3 times as 6 times and b)the whole 6 meals a day thing is a hangover from bodybuilding regimes that require the (usually male) athletes to consume huge amounts of food in order to build huge amounts of muscle. Not being male or looking to be a She-hulk, I don’t need to follow that regime. Now, having said that, obviously there are folk who do BfL with the 6 meals a day and thrive on it. I am not one of those people, though.

Most important thing I’ve learned? Consider the program, and then listen to your body, and when your body says nyet you follow its lead.

The other little mistake I made (surprise, surprise) was I got a bit carried away with Saturday’s aerobic session and pushed too hard too fast. As a result I’m a tad dodgy this morning. SoI toned down my extra cardio (but did my lower body weights as scheduled) – and will shortly be off to replenish my supply of strong Manuka honey, which in conjunction with garlic pills short-circuits most problems.

Of course, 1 week is nothing. The proof will be in staying focused through the whole 12 weeks.

How is everyone else coming with their fitness goals?

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