Recipe: Creamy cheese sauce

The Body For Life experiment was, sadly, a bust. Not because it’s a useless program – it’s not. It’s brilliant … but only if your metabolism isn’t acutely sensitive to carbohydrates.

I followed it faithfully for a month and got fatter. Talk about demotivation! Wider reading, and a long hard think about my history, and what I know about metabolism, turned on the light bulb. To get results I need to go low-carb. It worked gangbusters in the past for me. The problems I ended up with were because I stayed too low for too long and didn’t eat enough quality fats along with the protein. Having corrected that, I’m back to going gangbusters. I’ve lost all the weight I gained in those 4 weeks in 1, plus some, and I feel great. Well, apart from my stupid herniated neck.

The one bright spot in the current herniated disc debacle is that at least I can still exercise (except for swimming).  When I ruptured/herniated 3 lumbar discs a couple of years ago I was immobilised for months, which didn’t help with the weight issues. This time I can do cardio on the treadmill and I can do some weights and in fact I feel better for it afterwards. The increased blood flow is helping. Of course, so are the drugs. *g*

Anyhow — now I come to the recipe! The food plan I’m following with such success calls for low carb, moderate protein and a goodly amount of quality fat. So here’s my basic creamy cheese sauce recipe, which can be served over various meats and vegetables, or turned into a mushroom sauce. I’ll add that at the end.

For those who haven’t caught up with the progress being made to undemonise healthy fat  in the diet, this recipe might seem appalling. But the research is coming out more and more: eating fat is only a problem when you’re also consuming huge amounts of carbohydrate, especially sugar (in all its forms), starchy vegetables and grains, refined and otherwise. If your diet comprises mainly above-ground vegetables and good quality proteins, the addition of creamy sauces and butter and dairy and other good oils improves your health and contribute to fat loss.

The trick is this: the more carbohydrate you eat, the less fat you can eat. That’s because when insulin is elevated (from eating carbs) the fat isn’t used, it’s stored. So it’s a balancing act. And you should always mostly avoid sugar and refined grain products and absolutely ban trans fats (hydrogenated fats) from your diet. That crap will kill you. And unlimited fruit will also throw you, because when fruit is digested it releases a lot of sugar into your bloodstream. Berries are a good go for regular eating, other fruit needs to be eaten more judiciously. Fruit has huge health benefits, absolutely – but if you’re needing to lose fat or you don’t want to regain it, it’s not something to be shovelled down. Which makes me so sad!!!! Summer fruits are the best.

But that’s enough lecturing! Here’s the yummy recipe! I apologise for no specific weight measurements, but I do this one by eye. Bear with me.

Melt a knob of grassfed butter (about the size of your thumb’s first joint, or a bit more) in a small frypan. Lowish heat – I use level 5 on my induction cooktop which is about half way to maximum heat. Add about a 1/3 of cup of pure regular cream, unthickened. When this mix is just simmering, add a good couple of dollops of creme fraiche. Let it melt into the butter/cream, stirring with a small whisk. When that’s all combined, add  your cheese. I alternate between grated fresh block parmesan (I guess about a 1/3 of a cup) OR a wedge of spring onion and chive cream cheese. Let the cheese melt into the mixture and let it simmer gently a few minutes to thicken. Then take it off the heat, let it sit a moment to cool just a bit, and finally add the yolk of one free range egg. If it’s a good egg it’ll be a lovely deep golden yellow, and that will change the colour of the sauce. Whisk it in, then put the pan back on a low heat. (This is important. If the heat goes too high the sauce will split.)

Give it a couple of minutes and you’re done, ready to pour the sauce over roast free range chicken or  a free range pork chop or a grassfed steak and steamed green veg.

As a variation (and I did this for lunch!) you can turn this recipe into a mushroom cream sauce. All you do is sauté about 60 gm of sliced mushroom (button or swiss brown) in the butter until they’re just softening, then proceed as per the rest of the recipe. Yum!!!!

This is such a delicious sauce. And as long as you don’t eat it along with rice or pasta or potato (white or sweet) and you don’t follow up the meal with a high sugar dessert or lots of high-sugar fruit, you won’t have a problem.



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