Are you a fan of ER? This is a great article!

ER is one of my favourite dramas. I own it all on dvd and rewatch it every other year, or so. True confession — I skip a lot of the back end because by the last couple of seasons I think it was terribly tired and frankly, there were some characters I really couldn’t warm to. But I always watch the ones where Carter is back, because I love that character.

However. There is one episode I won’t rewatch, and that’s Love’s Labor Lost from the first season. Not because it’s terrible. No. Because it’s so good and so harrowing I can’t bear it. I think everyone should watch it once, because it’s some of the best storytelling on tv ever, but I can’t do it twice. Call me pathetic and I won’t argue!

So, for those of you who are ER fans and do remember this episode (and honestly, I can’t imagine anyone ever forgetting it, once seen) here is a fabulous look back on it with much interesting input from the team in front of and behind the camera.

I think this is what those of us who tell stories really hope: that out stories get remembered. Kudos to all the amazing folk who brought us ER.

2 thoughts on “Are you a fan of ER? This is a great article!

  1. I found the article on ER both informative and interesting. I have never seen the show but was interested to read about the filming of this episode from multiple viewpoints, director, producer, writer and the actors themselves. The complex mix that goes into the filming of just this one episode is really incredible. Thanks for sharing.
    Do any of your blog entries discuss the very first sale you made of fantasy fiction?

    • Yeah, I love the behind the scenes stuff. It’s why I love a really good dvd commentary. You can learn so much about the crafting of story from all different povs. As for my first sale, no, I never have done a specific post on it. But I can do one, if it’d be of interest!

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