Words! Words! We have words!

Wow. It’s been so long I swear it feels like I’ve never ever written a book before in my life. Which is crazy, given that I’ve written 17 of the little suckers … *g*

And here’s where I get to rambling, so feel free to look away!

I wasn’t 100% well when I went over to the UK for Worldcon and stuff, I got gradually worse when I came home and capped it off with that spectacular fall at the start of December which led to the 2 herniated cervical discs and 2 rotated thoracic discs that have kept me sidelined ever since. Bottom line? I’ve been in pain to varying degrees, and as a result chronically sleep deprived, every damned day since August of last year.

Boring doesn’t begin to describe it.

But after months of drugs and intensive physical therapy, I can now joyfully declare that I’m good and even better, I am writing again. It’s funny, how when you’re in the middle of utter awfulness you just don’t get how truly craptastic you’re feeling until you come out the other side and remember what being pain-free and mentally clear and capable actually feels like.

So, I can’t give a definite delivery date for Tarnished Crown #2, except that it will be in a few months. After that I get to play with the Rogue Agent crowd again, at last, and I’m really really looking forward to that!

To finish, I need to say thanks to all you guys, the readers, who continue to support me. I can only imagine you’ve been bored rigid by all this ill health shite — and I’ve certainly been feeling lousy on account of it.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already done so, check out the books recommended for a Hugo nomination by Brad Torgersen and Larry Correia, as well as those works that did make it to the short list. Can’t tell you how happy I am to see Kevin J Anderson and Jim Butcher up there. Both guys have been writing great stories for a long time and this recognition is long overdue.

4 thoughts on “Words! Words! We have words!

  1. A New rouge agent book yay! :D, I think you should try to write a book about Sir Alec, he is a masterly crafted character would be interesting to see how he turned out how he is. I look forward to your new books.

    • Adam, it’s funny you should say that … *g* So thrilled you’re enjoying the Rogue Agent series. And yes, after the next adventure I will be looking hard at a story about Sir Alec in his younger days …

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