Karen’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit …

Tomorrow is the Reddit AMA which I’m doing in conjunction with the Orbit fantasy writing workshop. If you’re as unfamiliar with Reddit as I was before now, you can relax. It’s actually pretty easy.

If you’re already a Reddit member, sign in to the Fantasy bulletin board – the BB. If you’re not, you can sign up with a new membership first then go to the Fantasy BB. On the right hand side of the Fantasy BB is a list of upcoming AMAs. Click on my name, and you’ll get into my AMA where you can post a question for me to answer, or just read what other people have to say.

Here is the schedule:

9pm Sydney time (12midday London time/7am New York time/4am California time) – I log on and begin answering questions until midnight Sydney time (3pm London time/10am New York Time/7am California time.)

I sleep until 30th July 7am Sydney time (9pm London time/4pm New York Time/1pm California time) and then to log in to finish answering questions.

Here is the link to the Reddit Fantasy BB.

2 thoughts on “Karen’s Ask Me Anything on Reddit …

  1. I don’t reddit, facebook, text, message, twit, tweet or any of the other things. And I only read hard copy. I have a “reader” and I find it to be a pain in the butt. Battery lasts, maybe, four hours. Thus if I take it on a plane it gives out way before I get there. Thus only paperbacks or hardbacks.
    I loved the Empress series. I was so taken with it, I left a five star review of all three books in the series on Amazon as lara3 or lara, whatever. But, I really wish you would “revisit” that world and write a prologue to it as in how the god became a god and how he controlled everything.

    Second, woman, except for Andre Norton, Robert Jordan, and James Herriot, you are the only author I read because your name is on the book. There are other writers whom I read outside of SF, such as Vince Flynn [who has left us, as well as the three named above.] But you are, so far, the only “live” SF/Fantasy author I read because you never fail to “engross” me. Thank you.

    Thank you so much for providing me with much reading pleasure. Also, I agree with you about Buffy and Angel. I was sick when they ended the shows. Which shows you I need to get out more.

    Have you seen Blacklist? Elementary? Person of Interest? And, yes, I like Hawaii 5/0 because it is cotton candy for the mind.

    I love Blacklist. Spader is outstanding and Blacklist is great. Elementary is an update on Sherlock Holmes and despite some glaring boo boos it is good [but you have to be a SH aficionado to spot the boo boos.]

    Person of Interest is a great show, though it lost its way for a bit. However it is back on track.

    Anyway, thank you for all the fun.


    • So very sorry for the slow reply, Lara, but I’m just now crawling out of a deep black hole of illness and injury.

      And now, let me say thank you, so very very much, for your astonishingly kind words. You’ve no idea how much they mean to me, especially after all the shite of this year. You really have given me a boost. I hope I continue to entertain you.

      I’m very much looking forward to Sara Shahi’s return to Person of Interest. And if this must be its last season (as is rumoured) then fingers crossed it goes out in a blaze of glory! And yes, I can’t wait to see what Red gets up to next. *g*

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