An important request

As you guys know, I really don’t do political stuff. Life is too short for crap on the internet. But this one is not politics. It’s human rights. Please, look at what’s happening in India, and spread the word to everyone you know that this kind of bullshit has to stop. All decent human beings must be appalled in their souls that this could happen. It has to stop. And it’s going to take all decent people screaming at the top of their lungs to stop it.

In short, two sisters in India have been sentenced to rape and public degrading to punish their brother. You can read about it here. And you can sign the Amnesty International petition protesting it here.

We live in a world where ISIS murders gays and rapes children sold into sexual slavery. For some reason our governments can’t find the courage or the will to halt this evil while it’s still relatively contained. We also live in a world where men sentence women to be raped, to punish another man. There are days when I feel like I’m drowning in depravity. Signing a petition, and drawing attention to this evil, helps me to be less helpless. Please spread the word. Good people can’t do nothing for much longer, else we all drown in the worst of human excess.

Random stuff

So this is me, keeping my word to be more present in my own space.

Right now I’m haunting the post office for my copy of Kate Elliott’s new book, Court of Fives. It’s her first YA fantasy, and I have no doubt it’s going to be a brilliant read. Because Kate Elliott is a brilliant writer. For more information and some great interviews, you can go here.

I’ve really got nothing to say about the recent Hugo awards, but one thing. I find it utterly shameful that Toni Weisskopf was denied recognition for her stellar work as an editor because a bunch of folk – many of whom claim to be professional writers – decided that anyone who was nominated by people they don’t like should be punished. I feel sick, and so angry, that the folk who dishonestly accused the Puppy side of misogyny should take out their spite on a woman. I wonder if they’ve even met the word ‘irony’?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I got all super excited about getting back my fitness. And then I fell over in my mother’s driveway last December and 2015 happened. One of these days I might write more about the things I’ve learned since. For right now, I’ll just celebrate the fact that I can walk for an hour on the treadmill, and lift some weights, and my world doesn’t end. Yay!

Must beetle off now. Stay tuned!

Not dead yet …

Well, I have to tell you, cranking my way back up to writing speed is bloody hard work! But I’m finally hitting my groove, at long last, after months and months of utter hell. I now have the all clear on the neck and upper back, after a couple of frustrating relapses. Then, because of course, the lower lumbar spine (scene of a previous disc rupture and several herniations) decided to kick off. But that too is now sorted. I just have to keep monitoring it due to spinal scoliosis and a history of truly spectacular horse-riding injuries. I defeated the double-whammy flu, too, and finally got rid of the lingering spastastic cough. Which actually re-herniated a disc in my neck, I was coughing so hard at the worst.

But like I said. There are words. And now I must write like a crazy woman. There is also exercise, and I’m being consistent and also careful. So, as spring hovers on the horizon, and I look back at the last many months of zero achievement, I start to feel optimistic again.

I might even get my shit together and get more active in this here blog!

Stay tuned …