Goodbye and good riddance, 2016

Yup, it’s been dead air for a while around here. Let me share with you the round-up for 2016.

In the last 12 months I’ve finally recovered from 2 herniated cervical discs and a jammed upper spine; moved house, after undertaking major renovations/remodelling to the new house so I could fit in there and write; sold a house; dealt with major damage to the old house after the big rainstorms in June, including the bloody NRMA; discovered that the neighbour at the new house has undertaken massive and illegal earthworks that have hugely and negatively impacted my property – and also learned that the council seems to be in no hurry to enforce its own rulings and regulations, so 2017 looks like containing a legal fight; realised that my lovely horse Steve had something truly wrong with him that might not be fixable; dealt with a few health relapses plus tendonitis/bursitis in both forearms/elbows; nearly lost new boy Misha to a serious bout of colic, that involved 3 days in hospital; struggled to get my writing mojo back; dealt with new baby filly’s virus picked up while travelling to me, which took months; dealt with her slashing her leg open so she had to be kept in a stable for a month; still dealing with the undesirable huge growth spurt she’s gone through (6 inches in 5 months) which has impacted her joints; finally faced the fact that Steve was unfixable and really, properly dangerous (after he nearly put me through a fence and seriously tried to kill one of the other horses here, as in teeth and hooves and a bent gate) so sent him to heaven; and of course, the big one, my father’s stroke and subsequent death which has left me with overwhelming life changes and responsibilities as his executor and heir.

Yeah. 2016 has been a year.

Looking ahead, I want to hold on to the good things of this year — the horses, the great new friends I’ve made, the promise of adventures to come. Despite everything I’ve managed to drop and keep off nearly 30 pounds, and I look forward to dropping the last 20-30, to achieve my fighting fit weight. I look forward to expanding my equestrian horizons, improve my riding, start competing, and enjoy the adventure with my other new boy, Goldweaver. His story to come.

My writing will at long last get back on track. I have been derailed for 2 years, physically, mentally and emotionally, and I’m only just beginning to understand how deep and harsh the impact has been. In the long run I’m sure the work will benefit, because it’s all good copy … but wow, it’s been rough. But that is now behind me!

I look forward to 2017 with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. I am blessed with my circumstances, my friends, and my inner resources. There will be challenges, especially since I’m looking to deal with the winding up of my father’s estate, which is going to be time-consuming and confronting at times.

But I intend to achieve big things this year, and I look forward to celebrating the successes and achievements of my friends in real space and cyberspace. To those of you who have also faced a daunting 2016, I send my love and hugs. The fact that we’ve survived means we’ve earned a gold star.

Onward and upward! To infinity and beyond!

Dear readers, your ongoing support and patience throughout this writing drought is more appreciated than I can ever say. But I have picked myself up, dusted myself off and I look forward to bigger and better things!

6 thoughts on “Goodbye and good riddance, 2016

  1. 2016 was a special one indeed, the collective world seemed to get kicked while we were all down. 2017 brings new hope, and new perspective.

    Congratulations on the weight loss and all the best in 2017, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger (so we should all be walking around like the Hulk by now!).

    – Fan From Canada,

  2. Karen,

    May you enter 2017 safely, joyously & contentedly.
    Ironically a tough year (or few) for many of us.
    We can all say with gratitude & humblesness that we are all still here! We have survived! What with this Christmas/New Year smack in a Mercury Retrograde (come on 08/01/17).
    May you see tangible benefits & rewards from all the efforts you have put in for yourself & for alll those you care for, including the four-footed.
    Will be great material for any new writing & the use of your imagination & creativty.
    Looking forward to new works!

    from another fan, Vera

  3. Oh Karen, I’m so sorry for the terrible year you’ve had. May 2017 treat you better, and may your Muse find you whenever you need it! All the best for the year ahead. Don’t worry if your health doesn’t allow for any writing, your well-being comes first. Sending love and virtual cookies your way!

  4. The Prince of Glass! Finally I found the name of Book 2 online. Can’t wait to read it! When is the US release? Thanks, and good luck! Hope 2017 is a better year for you.

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