So now it’s really really done

I announced back in September that Prince of Glass was done, and it was more or less. In that I had done most of the book then outlined the last section before heading in for some surgery.

Post surgery things got a bit hinky and life issues got in the way and then more stupid health stuff happened and bottom line? Things dragged.

But now I can categorically and joyously announce that yes! Prince of Glass is complete and in with the publisher now. There will be a rewrite (which is far less painful than a first draft) and some tweaking and other procedural matters but very soon I will have a firm release date and then, all the gods willing, my life will return to its regularly scheduled routine.

I’ll have more to say on this entire experience soon. For now let me just say thank you. And I’m doing everything in my power to ensure the wait is worth it. Also I’ll be tackling the backlog of reader mail, which is … embarrassing.

I’m also starting to flesh out the outline for the next Rogue Agent novel. Stay tuned!

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