Karen at Sydney Supanova

So, I’m appearing as one of the guests at the upcoming Supanova events in Sydney and Perth. Very exciting, I will probably turn into a squeeing fangirl. *g*

For a full rundown of all the amazing people attending as guests, and all the venue facts, check out this link. Right now I only have firm info for my Sydney schedule, so here you go.

I will be doing a couple of panels: a Star Wars panel at 3.30 on Saturday and a fantasy literature panel on Sunday at 11 am. I’ll also be available in the signing area Friday afternoon and most of the weekend. Probably the best times to catch me there will be from 11 am to 3 pm Saturday and from 1 pm Sunday.

Hope to see you there!


British Fantasy Con

Is in full swing, and what a whirlwind! I’ve had the enormous pleasure of sharing a leisurely breakfast with Kate Elliott, moderating a panel with guests of honour Charlaine Harris and Toby Whithouse, and sharing a panel with Joanne Harris (no relation) the author of Chocolat. I’ve chatted with the fabulous Paul Cornell and now have his book London Falling beside me to read.

The con isn’t huge (certainly not by Loncon standards!) but full of interesting people. As well as listening to Charlaine Harris on the panel, I sat in on her Guest of Honour Q&A. She’s a real inspiration, a woman who stuck to her guns and trusted her instincts when nobody thought her first Sookie Stackhouse novel would sell. Of course it did and the rest is HBO history! She’s smart and funny and very down to earth.

Of course I’m biased when it comes to Kate Elliott, because she’s a friend. But I knew her work before I ever knew her and I really do believe she’s one of the best writers we have in the genre. A truly unique voice. If you haven’t read her work, you should check it out.

And now my dinner’s here, so yum! Time to eat!

Worldcon 2014: London, here I come!

Only a few more days and it’ll be me, leaving on a jet ‘plane, knowing exactly when I’ll be back again (after British Fantasy Con in York) after the mass insanity that is a Worldcon, followed by much riotous living and weeping over the beauty of castles in France. Ah, the sad, sad life of a researching epic historical fantasy novelist!

If you’re coming to Loncon, and you see me wandering my jetlagged way through the halls, please don’t be shy. I’m shy enough for any number of people. No, really, I am. Say hello and tell me something fabulous about your con experience. Likewise at York, though by then I won’t be jetlagged, just worn out by all that French weeping.

Here is my appearance schedule for Loncon:

Saturday, August 16th 10 am- 11 am Capital Suite 7 + 12

Autographing session

Sunday, August 17th 11 am – 12 noon Capital Suite 7 + 12

Authors Accept, Encourage, and Create Fan Works Too

Fanfiction, fan art, and other forms of transformative works can be a sensitive topic with authors understandably having mixed reactions to works based on their creations. In this session four successful authors embrace forms of creative (not-for-profit!) ouput based upon their works. They discuss the benefits and difficulties of having fans creatively engage with their material. Beyond that they openly talk about their own experiences with fan works, whether they have written, still write, or read fanfiction or produce other forms of fan works.

Fellow panellists: Karen Hellekson, Seanan McGuire, Adam Christopher and Patrick Rothfuss.

Sunday, August 17th 12 noon – 1.30 pm Capital Suite 7 + 12

Seeing the Future, Knowing the Past

Fantasy’s use of prophecy – knowable futures – often parallels the way it treats the past, as something both knowable and stable: details of history known from a thousand years back, kingly bloodlines in direct descent for several hundreds of years, etc. In reality, George I of England was 58th in line for the throne and there is a Jacobean claimant still out there somewhere. No one really knows where France originated. History is messy and mutable. Why is fantasy so keen on the known?

Fellow panellists: William B. Hafford, Sarah Ash, Liz Bourke and Kari Sperring

Sunday, August 17th 4pm – 5 pm London Suite 5


A meet, greet and natter with fellow spec fic author Rjurik Davidson and lovely people who also like to meet, greet and natter.

Sunday, August 17th 6 pm – 7 pm Capital Suite 16

The Seriousness Business

Perhaps the two most critically acclaimed SF series of the last decade are Battlestar Galactica and Game of Thrones, and in each case the most common reason for that acclaim is their supposed seriousness: here are SF and fantasy with depth and darkness. Why is this the kind of genre material that the mainstream has embraced? Does the presumed ‘realism’ of this approach hold up to scrutiny? Has seriousness become a cliche? And to what extent do these shows, and their imitators, tell original stories and to what extent do they reinscribe a normative straight white heroism?

Fellow panellists: Juliet McKenna, Saxon Bullock, Emma England and Adrian Tchaikovsky
Sorry, no information as yet about what I’m doing at British Fantasy Con. When I know, you’ll know! But if you can make it, you should try, because the inestimable Kate Elliott will be one of the guests of honour.