What I’ve been watching

When it comes to tv dramas, sometimes I come a bit late to the party. Take Person of Interest, for example. I watched the pilot, I couldn’t connect with it, so I never watched another episode. Then, through the enthusiastic urgings of my good friends Pete and Elaine, I gave it another go. And boing! I loved it. I was hooked. That can happen. You’re in the wrong frame of mind, or whatever, the first time you encounter a story. But then you go back to it later and something’s changed and the fit is right, when it wasn’t before.

The same thing’s happened with me and Elementary, except I never even watched the pilot before rejecting it. Confession time: I’m not an actual Sherlock Holmes fan, as such. I love the Ritchie films because it’s Robert Downey Jnr and Jude Law and they have such wit and style. I love the current BBC imagining because Cumberbatch and Ferguson are Continue reading